A french girl in Los Angeles

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As of 24 hours, I am on US soil, and feel so blessed to leave the grumpy Parisians in order to meet the eccentric Californians.

For now, it’s raining so I’m not too disorientated, but I already can feel some change in the air.

Simply walking on the street makes me feel as though I’m in paradise, and even my office doesn’t sound like a regular work place. People are from all over the world and we all bring something special to the team. This my first day at Stily and we all work hard to find the best of ourselves.

Stily seems to be an incredible experience and I am really proud to be part of it.

Can’t wait to discover more lovely places in Beverly Hills!

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Apollonie Santelli

is a French native graduate from the New-York Institute of Technology and has recently relocated to Los Angeles from Paris. She studied Media and has experience working in TV production, Social Media, Event Organization, PR Relations, and Fashion Content Creation in both France and the US. Daring, she…More

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