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Spring 2016. A reality show “celebrity” leads in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, California drought conditions have improved somewhat, a little bird landed on a certain podium,  and our little startup just spent a fantastic weekend partying, working on a video shoot, and looking as pretty as can be under the sunlight in LA.

Mind you, in my 10+ years of experience working tech and with numerous startups, I had some great experiences, but nothing like this one. For one thing, the gap between the “geeks” and the rest of the staff in the group is fading. The fast adoption of Apps into our daily lives has blurred the lines to the point of no existence. Sure, only two of us can code, but everyone on our team instinctively understands how our product should behave, how it should look, what our content should be. It is a new generation of users and I am no longer feeling handicapped by the fact that we don’t have a teenager on the team (I always believed that without teenagers entwined into a company’s DNA, any consumer-oriented tech startup would die). Our team is youthful, mindful of design, ease of use, and service, and they love what we do. What can possibly go wrong? Right?

What can possibly go wrong? Right?

Plenty. It is now mid October, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for the Presidency; a few of our original team have moved on; and we have swerved, danced and stumbled for months, slaving away to get this company going. However, if you are reading this- and I am certainly glad that you are- it means that we have succeeded and are into our “soft-beta” launch.

We have a global team working round the clock to make things happen. We have two of our three products out and open to your feedback. Like any Hollywood production, we are working like maniacs in the background so that everything in the foreground looks marvelous. We are smiling pretty in our pictures, while falling asleep on our feet, and keeping our fingers crossed that you will like our product.

See, unlike old Hollywood, and the “old” tech universe, companies today can be made at incredible speeds: in just ten months we’ve built a business management platform that includes social media publishing, marketing, and booking: a custom content publishing back-end; and a dynamic online fashion magazine with little else than our savings, our wits, passion, and the support of uncountable numbers of friends.

In short, we build tomorrow’s platform today, day by day, and are not afraid to put it out there for your judgement. Looking forward to your feedback, and to grow a little idea into something that can be as meaningful and wonderful as helping you have a better day.

Welcome to Stily world! Let’s build this thing together.


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