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Last friday was the first Shooting for Stily at Cinemills Burbank, and it was so much fun!

The day started with makeup, hairstyles and style prep, all thanks to our amazing makeup artists, hairstylists, and stylist. Thank you Beauty by Ruby Studio and Ivan Bitton Style House for those fancy styles and looks!

For this shoot, we used four different settings.

The first one was a hospital room in which Keren, our photographer, created a scene on a sick triangle relationship.

The second one was a vintage bathroom with furniture in which a scene with 5 models took place. The story was about a man and his two mistress hiding in the bathroom while his wife is secretly watching by the window. Weird, but the pictures are even more intriguing!

The third scene was in a jail cell where three models were locked. This setting was my favorite.

The last scene was on a huge green background. We put the music on and asked the models to dance together, and watching was so much fun. Then the Stily team joined the models and we all went crazy.

The shoot was so fun and wild, we laughed hard and worked until the end of the day to get the perfect result. Indeed, the Stily App is coming very soon and we need to rock its launch.

It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for the next shoot!

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