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Summer: the scorching, sunny season of the year in which families spent days at the beach, parks or swimming pools has officially come and gone. Our kids are back in school, which means that it’s time for one of the most dreaded daily nightmares for a mom:  styling your daughter’s hair. There was a time when you had the power to dress her up, choose her clothes, even comb her hair. Well, you may not have that power anymore, at least when it comes to her outfit, but what about her hair? True, you are the last person who talks to the hairdresser before she sets to work, but what should we have in mind before the whole thing turns into a  disaster?

Take a quick look at our Styling your daughter’s Hair Checklist

  • First:

If your daughter has long hair, keep in mind that the cooler season means that there is less of a chance for her to come home with salty hair from the beach . Above everything else, a child’s hair must be comfortable, and when in doubt, repeat the mantra: “comfort over beauty.”  With that in mind, make sure to comb her hair everyday before she leaves for school. If you have limited time, a simple ponytail or single braid is a good solution to keep her from eating the tips of her hair while writing, reading or drawing in class.

  • Second:

As I pointed out above, beauty is not always comfortable for kids, so unless you want your daughter to end up with split ends that will require an additional trim, be wary of the downfalls of trendy hairstyles on your little one. You might love that new bob hair style some celebrity kids are rocking right now, but remember that this hair cut won’t allow you to comb back your own daughter’s hair as easily as you may be used to. So whenever trying a new cut, remember to keep in mind the post-cut problems you, and she, may encounter, before heading over to the hairdresser.

  • Third:

Be original. Making your daughter comfy doesn’t mean being boring. Try  styling her hair in different ways from time to time. A couple of easy options are to try double braids or using original hairpins to fold her hair in different ways. Be creative! Above all, make sure that your efforts are approved by your daughter–it’s important for her to have fond memories of her childhood, after all.

So, if you are ready to let your imagination fly, and style your daughter’s hair!  Let the fun begin!

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