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Style isn’t what you wear. Style is who you are.

“Never do anything you can’t do with style.”

I have a leather jacket that I romantically bought four years ago in a vintage shop in Paris one Christmas Eve, it lives there in its quiet space. Beautiful, hidden, almost forgotten; and there, a lesson hanging within the darkness of my closet.

It is a beautiful thing, this jacket; perfect in every way. It’s thick, has the right weight, and it was made with great skill and care. Yet, I’ve never worn it.

If you saw me, you may say to yourself “Come on. How spoiled can you be? You are a model, things like this are made for people that look like you. Put it on. Go ahead, you look great.”  But the truth is not that simple. Perfection is a rare thing, and my beautiful jacket is not for me. When I put it on, it feels too heavy, stiff, like an alien skin, and so, in spite of its “perfection,” it remains alone in my closet, waiting for someone else to claim it.

On the other hand, often I will wear a simple beach cover-up and add a belt, or a flower in my hair, and anywhere I go- even a fancy event or wedding, people will rave about my “incredible taste.”

The point of this tale is simple: style isn’t what you wear, it is who you are.

Why is it that the same piece of clothing looks completely different depending on the person wearing it? I know that we all have our own body type, hair, skin, bone structure, but it’s more than that.

I know that jacket would truly be perfect on a girl who felt good in it.

On the other hand, there are women who wear perfectly put-together ensembles who look like the clothes are wearing them, and the difference is that they aren’t comfortable. These people are failing to connect with themselves… they aren’t wearing clothes; the clothes are wearing them.

Being a part of the things that make you happy will empower you.  Let go of things that make you anxious; let go of the clothes that are wearing you. Wear them instead.

Love yourself in all your quirkiness and make sure to find the time to date yourself and embrace all your facets! In the beginning of Stily, we had the idea that we should help people find help to look their best on their own terms. But, in time, we realized that our true mission was to help people find their style. To style their style, if you will. Style your style.

Style your style

This adventure, this enterprise that we started is a project of empowerment. Those of us toiling backstage to bring this to the world are pouring our souls out into the world. Our mission is to help you put yours out into the world and to wear it proudly.

You are as valid as any other person, and every single person in this entire world is as valid as you. It’s a rainbow of characters, types, & souls- and there is only one you. I know it’s been said many times, but it is the most basic truth that we can share with you from here.

When it comes to style, to life, to everything you do, be your own authentic self, otherwise you are denying the world the chance to experience you.  This is the world’s one chance to get to know you, and we want you to give yourself to history!

You are so precious. Be strong one for yourself, give yourself what is good, and feel good about who you are. Even your worst is beautiful because it is you.

Welcome to Stily! Glad you stopped by. We hope you take our advice to heart, remember that when you put a piece of clothing on, comfort is the most important priority. If it isn’t comfortable, take it off! Trends don’t define you, you make your own trends, for what you wear is a reflection of your sould, and what you style is far more than what people see, because your style…is your soul.

Wear clothes you love, be with the people you love and contribute to the world in ways that you love.

We love you.

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